Art and science

Lecture at Industry Day Leiden

April 2018 // Leiden


About art and science - talk about how to set up an empirical research project that reaches a wider audience, i.e. stitch your brain

Outsider Art

Lecture at Outsider Art Gallerie

March 2018 // Amsterdam


About creativity, vulnerability and well being


9th edition of annual Amsterdam craft design fair

December 2017 // Amsterdam


Weeflab takes part at Meesterlijk.

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European Textile Network 

Presentation of Weeflab in Sweden

September 2017 // Boras, Sweden


Weeflab presents at the international ETN conference.
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Summershow Nieuw Dakota

Woven piece in Fine Arts show

July 2017 // Amsterdam


Timewarp#3#golden selected

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Communityweaving @ Zonneplein

April 2017 // Amsterdam Noord


Weeflab staat met een mobiel weefgetouw op Koningsdag op het Zonneplein. De buurtbewoners worden uitgenodigd om een stuk mee te weven. Dit symboliseert ons gemeenschappelijk netwerk. Het resultaat wordt gepresenteerd bij Studio Spaanders op 5 mei. Op de Bevrijdingsdag 2017 is het thema verbinden.
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Presentation of Weeflab in Estonia

April // Estland

Tallin Applied Art Triennial
Weeflab is building the network at 7th Talinn Applied Art Triennial 2017.

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First visitor

March 2017 // Amsterdam Noord


Designer Emilie Pallard visited Weeflab and showed the results of her trips to Japan and the IKAT weaving.
She will adopt one of the Weeflab 8-shaft looms for her work.
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Weeflab and the Brainshow in Amsterdam

30 November- 9 December 2018  

Weeflab presents woven work and the Brainshow at WG Kunst. Opening 30 november 17-19 hrs by Dinie Besems, designer. For program of lectures and information read more >>    




Weaving is a production technique for fashion and interior fabrics.
Weaving connects traditional and digital techniques with smart materials and innovative discoveries.
Weaving can be a community project with dance, theater or an installation in public space.
Weaving as a proces is synonymous with the infinite line, the thread.
Weaving has many poetic and dramatic associations in art, religion and science:
- Penelope’s story in the Odysee
- Psalm 139:13:.. you made my mind and heart, you wove me together in my mother’s womb.
- in anthropology:..weaving (like dwelling) continues for as long as time goes on - punctuated but not terminated by the appearance of the pieces that it successively brings into being. T. Ingold
Weaving is a construction technique bound to materiality.
Weaving is a metaphor for time to be filled with contemporary ideas about i.e. the experience of time passing.
Weaving is about life making connections and constructing beauty.


Biezenmortel Masterclass

October 2018  

On invitation by textile artist and organizer Flox den Hartog-Jager: teaching a technically skilled Art quilting group in creating new work. For five days we worked in an old cloister getting into the flow of making. From each participant I took a scrap of material and wove it together into a communal piece. Results of the masterclass will be presented by the students at Handwerkdagen Den Bosch.  biezenmortel-2

Detail of handwoven piece constructed of material scraps of participants. Photo credit: Anja van Dijk 

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Textile Art by Women in Art Brut

September 2018  

In two articles in Dutch TxP magazine I talk about female artists, their textile work in Art Brut and it's origins in 19th century psychiatry. After discovering a young Outsider artist at the Outsider art Gallery in Amsterdam I visited the workshop and portrayed her in an interview.m_auch_artbrut

Embroidered jacket by Agnes Richter (1873-?) and detail, courtesy of Sammlung Prinzhorn


Dexterity and CAD/CAM tools

August 2018  

Interview by Ann Marie Shillito, CEO of Anarkik 3d Ltd. (virtual touch technology for applied artists and designers) about constructing through weaving on a computerized loom.


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Two articles in Surface Design Journal

July 2018  

For the Summer edition of American Surface Design Journal I wrote two articles about contemporary textile practice in The Netherlands. In the Studio - about madder now and in a historical and restoration context and a review of Claudy Jongstra's project 'Woven Skin-Shelter of color'. m_auch_summer_2018_3

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The microscopic view

June 2018  

Bradley Quinn wrote about my work: ‘Monika Auch’s medical background is evident in her detailed textile work, which is often suggestive of the growth patterns found through the lens of a microscope. The clash of digital and tactile methods in Auch’s work heightens the material impact of the viewing experience, a combination of traditional, time-consuming methods and contemporary, instantaneous technology.' Wall hanging, 2m x 40 cmm_auch_summer_2018_1

Book review

June 2018  

Dutch weaver Marian Stubenitsky published her second book in an Dutch/English edition. It is a technical how-to guide for weaving with one tie end and mainly two, but as well three or five pattern ends. Myriad possibilities at varying technical levels are the result.m_auch_stub_2018

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Textile dyeing by Dutch experts

April 2018

Focussing on dyeing with natural pigments, here is a summary of recent articles about: The history of madder in The Netherlands. The discovery and conservation of a fabulous 17th century red silk wardrobe off the coast of Texel. Visits to workshops at the Rijksatelier, at Tinctoria studio and at Claudy Jongstra's 'Farm of the World'.10thunder-tinctoria-nl-wool-with-madder-cochineal-woad-and-discharge-paste-donder-tinctoria-nl-wol-met-rubia-cochenille-wede-en-etspasta

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Studio visit by ARTECHNE team  

Februari 2018

Professor Dr. Sven Dupré and colleagues from the ARTECHNE project are conducting research on how artist's master their art. What is technique in the visual and decorative arts? How is technique transmitted and studied? Who is considered an expert in technique, and why? In a unique hands-on approach the scientists try to understand the intricacies of mastering a technique.jenny-marieke-samples

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Book about weaving by Åsa Pärson  

Januari 2018  

Essential weavings - Swedish weaver and designer Åsa Pärson has published her book on weaving and cut it down to the gist. Considering, that weaving is all about skills and tactility the book lies in my hands:


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Craft design shows - Amsterdam and Münster  
December '17 


Two presentations reaching a wide public in Germany and The Netherlands. Invited by Akademie für Gestaltung der Handwerkskammer Münster and selected by Meesterlijk, Weeflab presented samples for tapisserie and scarves, while visitors could experience weaving hands-on.                                                                                                                                                 

ETN in Borås, an international fiber network
TxP 242 // November '17 

European textile network, grete sorensen, weaver, digital weaving, Nordic Award in Textiles, Monika Auch,

Grethe Sørensen from Denmark received the Nordic Award in Textiles at the ETN conference and Textile Art Festival CROSS-OVER in Boras, Sweden. 
Detail of work The OWL photo by Marius Hauge

Article will be published in Dutch TxP 242 magazine.

Earth Matters
SDJ and TxP 241 autumn issues 2017


Critical review of the exhibition in the TextielMuseum Tilburg
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 article in Surface Design Journal : "Sustainability is a trend...The elephant in this discussion is the huge Co2 foot print of the textile industry. Conflicting problems are e.g. water pollution, inhuman labor conditions while at the same time maintaining an industry which supports millions....Are textiles being exploited to produce trendy sustainable life-style products or will the trend support a critical awareness about textile products? Will many of the presented concepts in Earth Matters survive the ‘Valley of Death’, a well known phenomenon in the innovative industry?..This is the point from which many new ideas going through the innovation process fail to progress, and even those ideas that do make it out of the valley can spend between 5 and 10 years trying to escape from it. Will there be time enough for Earth?' published in SDJ/Fall 2017/ p. 50-53

TextielLab tuften
kM tijdschrift 101 // lente 2017


Rembrandt en Jan Taminiau in het TextielLab Tilburg
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Dutch by DesignSurface Design Journal // October '16Monika Auch author, technical textiles, embroidery, lasercutting, Dutch designHolland is densely populated and flat country, a patch of land rescued from the water and protected by dykes.>> Read more

De revival van textiele kunst
Textiel Plus 235 // October '16

Het TextielMuseum in Tilburg viert met de tentoonstelling van het werk van Sheila Hicks de revival van textiele kunst. Textiele
kunst heeft een plek veroverd op de internationale kunstmarkt en in musea.
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Over haar en gevoelswaarde
Textiel Plus 235 // October '16

monika auch author jewelry auteursieraden design

Menselijk of dierlijk haar als esthetisch (kunst)object kan gevoelens van walging of juist tederheid oproepen.
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Weeflab is the brainchild of Monika Auch!

Weeflab invites artists and designers from all disciplines and scientists to reflect and react in a theoretical and practical way to the concept of weaving:
to create and make work!
Weeflab is situated in Amsterdam Noord and sets up a program in cooperation with local spaces.
Weeflab is based on a sustainist agenda:
-  use networks
-  work locally
-  stimulate and facilitate  >> co-creation and transdisciplinary exchange
-  minimize CO-2 footprint by working with GOTS certified yarns and companies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - initiate re- and upcycling projects 
-  educate by publishing and informing For workshops go to >> contact