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Dexterity with CAD/CAM tools 

Interview by Ann Marie Shillito 
published Digital Crafts, Bloomsbury


The weaver and time 

Introduction, revised version, 2017
first published in catalogue on solo exhibition Qua Art Qua Science, Enschede, 2012

What does dexterity mean in our day and age which is dominated by technological innovations? This discourse is about visual and tactile factors and time. photo: Woman in Thailand walking a warp and her tools - travel research   

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Interview met Prof. Lehmann over materialiteit 

gepubliceerd in kM 103, najaar 2017


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Publication Qua Art Qua Science, Twente PDF




Constructie één en duizend draden

Interview met Prof. Sven Dupré over maakprocessen

gepubliceerd in kM 102, zomer 2017


Sven Dupré's missie is om het perspectief van de technische kunstgeschiedenis te verbreden naar een onderzoek van het creatieve proces van de kunstenaar in al zijn materiële en intellectuele complexiteit.

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The skin on the milk

Introduction to catalogue of 3rd Rijswijk Textile Biennial, 2013


The visual memory of touch

Initially it is a slippery, shiny layer on hot milk. When fished out of the cup, dangling from the spoon, it proves to be a surprisingly tenacious substance. Draped over the edge of the saucer it forms interesting folds and wrinkles. Any contact with lip or tongue is for many people abhorrent. Just reading about skin on milk can bring on the impulse to retch. This reaction can often be linked to memories from childhood. What artist would not want to effect such an intense reaction - preferably with positive connotations, of course – with his/her work?

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